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HDS Energy : Welcome

Industrial Steam Boilers, Biomass Energy Plants,  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Installations and RDF fuelled energy plants are some of the projects that have forged HDS Energy’s reputation  as a leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke industrial steam boilers and ancillary equipment in Ireland and overseas.

We have over thirty years experience designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintaining some of the hardest working energy plants operating in industry. We have clients in Ireland, the UK, Europe and North Africa, covering plants working in all sectors including Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food Production, Brewing, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy Production and Public Utilities.

Whether you require an entirely new energy plant designed and manufactured to your requirements or your need is for an existing plant to be re-engineered to achieve greater operational efficiency, HDS Energy has the knowledge and experience to empower your business to achieve energy savings through improved operational running costs.

Energy is our area of expertise – generating it and using it efficiently,  specifically through ensuring a plant is running at a state of optimum efficiency whilst delivering what the client needs. We can review any energy system or process and give clients  detailed data, making suggestions and recommendations for changes to the process/and/or technology that will deliver significant energy savings to the operator.

HDS Energy can also offer our clients a wide range of engineering and ancillary services – from specialist welding techniques, the manufacture of pressure vessels, flues and other components, to re-engineering existing energy plants to achieve greater energy efficiency, we are committed to a policy of continuous examination and updating of all quality systems by developing training, testing and checking procedures to ensure that the client receives products and related services delivered to the highest international quality standards.

All pressure components, such as boilers, superheaters, economisers and non-fired pressure vessels are manufactured in accordance with the new European Pressure Equipment Directive. (PED) Insurance inspection by Notified Bodies is carried out on all pressure components in accordance with the above mentioned Pressure Equipment Directive. Documentation of all components and weld testing is controlled and certified by the Notified Body appointed to the project.

Download the latest version of our  Workshop & Ancillary Services brochure here :

HDS Energy Workshop Services Update 231117