HDS Energy


HDS has extensive experience and expertise in providing boiler solutions for the five main types of power plant – these are: Combined Heat & Power Technology, Wood Fired Technology, Oil Fired Technology, Gas Fired Technology and Coal Fired Technology.

Combined Heat & Power Technology

A major growth market for HDS is combined heat and power co-generation projects. These projects, by their very nature, require customisation in plant design and as a result are ideally suited to the skills that have been developed over the years within HDS Energy.

Wood Fired Technology

In Scandinavia HDS Energy has extensive experience in the design and development of proven wood fired combustion technology. The boiler range, including tube cleaning technology combined with the HDS/Euro Therm step grate stoker is specifically designed for the combustion of bark, chips, sawdust, swart, and off-cuts to generate steam or hot water for use in space heating, process or power generation applications.
Variations in liquid content and calorific values demand proven combustion technology, customised handling and flue gas cleaning in order to meet ever increasing environmental emission legislation.

Gas Fired Technology

Over the last number of years there has been an increasing use of gas as a fuel, mainly natural gas but also LPG, landfill gas and refinery fuel gas. In response to this we have embarked on an extensive programme of in-house research and development resulting in a diverse range of boiler plant to meet customer’s requirements in the use of gas.
This boiler range includes single furnace, two pass and three pass plate and shell construction, as well as twin furnace shell designs. Also available for high pressure applications are a number of water tube configurations.

Oil Fired Technology

HDS has been involved in oil fired turn key projects for many years. Our expertise and experience using oil as a fuel is extensive and allows us to custom design and build energy plants to customer’s special requirements

Coal Fired Technology

HDS Energy is a market leader in design, construction, installation and commissioning of industrial coal fired boiler. These plants utilise unique boiler designs in both plate and water tube construction incorporating such special features as automatic tube cleaning, modularised ignition arches and water cooled guillotine doors. A typical system comprises of a travelling grate stoker, computerised crane handling for coal feeding and de-ashing, multi-cellular cyclones and computerised combustion control.